And the Winners Are….

Results of this year’s Best of Shortridge are in, and the winners are:

Fashionista Award: Ms. Atkin
Diva Award : Desiree Oliver
Shortridge Sweethearts: Adam Wotring and Melissa Edwards
BFF Award: Mariah Bradley and Chinaa Harris
WNBA Award: Jenee Peterson
NBA Award: Isreal White
LOL Award: Daryll resnover
Kool Smile Award: Deon Revere
Presidential Award: Justina Fields
CEO Award: Jodeci Byrd
Biggest Mooch: Desiree Oliver
Brown Noser Award: Julia Buchanan
Angel Award: Briana Lomax
Geek Squad Award: Terrence Jackson
Best Teacher Award: Ms. Atkin
Mr. Congeniality: Cameron Shepherd
Ms. Congeniality: Prayyer Benyatta
Artist of the Year: Markel Pipkin
Blue Devil Award: Deonte Edmonds
Crank That! Award: Dena Lewis

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