“Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do In High Heels”

file 1-1Introducing the Shortridge High School 2014 football team and Shantel Rodgers.

Shantel Rodgers is an easy going junior here at Shortridge Magnet High School. Shantel left Carpe Dien to become part of the beautiful Blue Devil Nation. Not only did she become a member of our beloved school,she became a running back for our football team. This is not a hobby that Shantel took up this year, she has actually been on many football teams since she was in middle school as the years went on. Shantel is not shy around her team members an never lets there size intimidate her. She is fearless. Shantel feels she is treated the same way our male football players are treated. She has even made the decision that after high school, she will continue her love for the game to have a professional career in football. Shantel has pride that nobody can take from her. She maybe short but she packs a punch. She is proof that “Girls can do anything boys can do in high heels!” – Brooke Sachau.’

New Citizens Sworn In at Caleb Mills Auditorium

Shortridge had an amazing opportunity May 2nd by being able to hold a naturalization ceremony for 82 people from 36 countries here in our very own auditorium.

Those sworn in represented countries from all over the world including Brazil, Bosnia, Russia, France and African nations. One man who moved to the U.S. from England, Russell Harwood said “I intend to spend the rest of my life here, and I think it is important to really pledge your allegiance to show that you are serious about it,”

Shortridge being school for law and public policy was the perfect setting for this important event. Students have spent a great deal of time studying about immigration and the law, so it was well timed that a large number of students  were able to take advantage of witnessing such an amazing opportunity.